What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing HR Services for Schools?

What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing HR Services for Schools?

A reliable HR department is instrumental to the success of any organisation, no matter the size. From hiring staff to absence management and grievances, the human resource department is key to maintaining employee relations within any organisation. Likewise, the department of human resources for schools and Multi Academy Trusts plays an integral role in ensuring smooth operations and growth.

However, for multiple reasons, ranging from budget constraints to limited resources, an internal HR team can pose various challenges, leaving you without the support you need. At times, even with a team in place, you may find untangling complex issues more time-consuming than they need to be.

This is where outsourcing human resources for schools can help. Schools and trusts can hand the reins of their HR responsibilities over to an external firm and refocus on boosting student performance.

Keystone Knowledge has an expert team of CIPD-qualified HR professionals, all with experience working in school settings. You'll struggle to find HR services for your school or trust quite like ours.

So, let's uncover the benefits of outsourced HR services for schools in this blog. 

Understanding HR Outsourcing

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) generally refers to the practice of having an external agency or third-party firm manage some or all of your organisation's HR functions.

Outsourcing HR services for your school means leaving various routine HR activities including hiring, staff retention, teacher training and development to the expert hands of another firm.

The knowledge and expertise that these professionals bring to the table enable your school or MAT to stay compliant with evolving educational HR norms and regulations, as well as understand the effectiveness of people management practices.

5 Benefits of Outsourced HR for Schools and Trusts

 In a nutshell, outsourcing human resources for schools can facilitate more time for you to design and implement strategic initiatives, maximise efficiency, increase cost efficiency and receive an expert level of service from HR industry experts.

The core tangible benefits of relying on outsourced HR for your school include:

1. Experts on Demand

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing HR services for schools is immediate access to those with industry expertise. Keystone's HR experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience across various HR functions, including recruitment, compliance, employee development, performance management and more.

An expert on demand means you can tap into their insights and guidance whenever your school needs it, minus the costs and commitment associated with hiring a full-time HR expert. 

2. Strategic HR Support

Outsourcing your school's HR tasks to an external firm is not limited to handling daily HR tasks, as these industry experts also offer strategic support to align your HR practices to your school or trust's goals. These experts work with your team to develop and implement HR strategies that promote MAT growth, improve employee engagement and enhance overall performance. Your school can access a comprehensive understanding of the latest HR best practices, trends, and legal compliances and make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

3. Cost-Effective Solution

Whether you run a MAT or a small school, hiring a full-time in-house resource can quickly become a burden on your school's finances. Through outsourced HR for schools, you can bring down your overhead costs and effectively allocate more resources where necessary.

4. Managing Employees

Navigating complex employee relations means also dealing with potentially sensitive issues such as employee grievances, resolving conflicts, and absenteeism. Acting as a neutral agent, your school can immensely benefit from an outsourced school HR expert to provide objective advice and guidance. They help you navigate through complex situations, ensure fair and consistent HR practices and build a more positive work culture.

Leave it to the HR experts at Keystone Knowledge to handle employee hiring, retention, relations and absenteeism.

5. Legal and HR Compliance

All schools and MATs must follow certain laws, regulations, HR best practices and codes of conduct, with non-compliance resulting in penalties, legal hassles, and damage to your school's reputation.

Rely on Keystone's experts to ensure your school's practices are legally compliant. Conducting HR audits, documentation review, risk assessment and mitigation strategy deployment can protect your school from HR and legal risks.

Additionally, outsourcing HR services for schools can also aid in the recruitment of leadership and executives, formal investigation and resolution of grievances, and tailored solutions for everyday HR task management.

Keystone Knowledge offers all these and more services for schools across the UK. Reach out to us to learn more about our HR services.

Contact Keystone Knowledge for Human Resources for Your School or Trust

With vital HR functions looked after by an external HR organisation, schools and trusts can focus on what they do best, improving team efficiency and focusing on the organisation's goals.

Keystone Knowledge's bespoke HR services for schools are a valuable addition to your school. For seamless trust growth, partner with us.

We are also here to help in growing MATs, offer due diligence, internal scrutiny and CFO and finance support.

Contact us today to learn more about our service offerings.

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