Effective HR in schools: the unseen key to savings

Cost savings with effective HR Cost savings with effective HR

With today's ever-tightening budgets, schools face the challenging task of delivering exceptional education without stretching resources too thin. HR isn't something that automatically springs to mind when looking for cost savings, but effective practices can save both time and money. Let's explore how strategic HR practices can help save costs.

Recruitment and Retention

Let's be honest, hiring new staff is no walk in the park, even without the current challenges around teacher shortages. There's advertising, interviewing, inductions – it all adds up. With a solid recruitment strategy, schools can not only pinpoint the right candidates from the start but also save substantially in the process.

And once we have those star teachers? Let's keep them! It can cost between £4,000 and £15,000 to recruit a teacher, depending on where you advertise and if you use a recruitment agency. A supportive work environment does wonders for reducing staff turnover. The benefits? Beyond just monetary savings, it ensures continuity and stability for students. Tools like mentorship programmes and regular feedback sessions can be invaluable.

Navigating Employment Law

Employment law is intricate, and schools can't afford to get lost. Staying compliant isn't just about avoiding penalties and the time to manage cases – it protects the school's reputation. Regular training and updates on employment law can help schools navigate these waters. And don't underestimate the power of a dedicated HR team with a solid grasp of education sector challenges.

Tackling Sickness and Absence

Regular absences can unexpectedly drain resources. It's not just about hiring substitute teachers or covering support staff absence, there's also the hidden cost of disrupted learning. An effective absence management policy helps schools offer timely support, ensuring a stable learning environment for students.

The Value of CPD

Supporting your team with high quality CPD not only benefits your pupils, it also helps keep your team motivated and moving up the pay scales. Training might seem like an added expense, but well-trained staff are not just more efficient; they're pillars schools can lean on during demanding times. This becomes especially crucial when resources are limited.

The Art of Promotion

Internal promotions are gold. Not only do they boost morale, but they're also cost-effective. Encouraging staff to take on extra responsibilities (with appropriate renumeration) and 'growing your own' leaders is a win-win, as existing staff already understand the school's ethos and dynamics, reducing the time and money spent on recruitment and onboarding. Plus, when staff see growth opportunities, they're more inclined to stay.

In Conclusion

While schools are centred around imparting education, it's crucial not to side-line administrative dynamics. Effective HR strategies not only cultivate a positive space for staff and students but also weave in some much-needed cost savings. Ultimately, every penny saved on the administrative front can be channelled back into facilitating excellent outcomes for our students. 

Keystone's team of HR professionals support schools and trusts with strategic and operational advice, saving you money, hassle and time. Find out more about our HR retainers and our background working in schools and trusts. 

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