Great news? Teachers' pay sees an uptick

Teachers' pay award Teachers' pay award

So, the long-awaited announcement is finally here! After painful strikes and heated debates, the government has given its full consent to the STRB's recommendations. What's in it for the teachers? A solid 6.5% pay hike. And the best part? It's not just a reshuffling of old funds but an infusion of fresh money that's fully backed.

This is definitely good news for teachers all over England (remember, this only applies to England because teacher pay is a devolved matter). While it's not going to magically solve the ongoing recruitment issues, at the very least, it won't make the situation worse.

Frankly, this development was more or less expected. The government's initial advice to the STRB suggested that schools could manage a 3.5% pay increase without needing extra funding. The education sector had its doubts about that claim, and most schools set their budgets accordingly. If the government intended to agree with the independent STRB's findings, then finding the additional funding was almost a given. Otherwise, they'd be admitting to pushing unrealistic expectations on schools, which isn't exactly a great look.

But where's the money coming from?

The big question now is where is this new money coming from? It's being touted as new funding, which is fantastic, but the source remains a mystery. And what about other essential areas like the already strained capital budget? Then there's the matter of our dedicated support staff, who have traditionally received less substantial pay rises and less funding overall.

Sure, money is crucial in schools, but it's important not to lose sight of the bigger picture. What kind of education do we envision for our children? What level of service are we aiming to provide now and in the future? Schools have been shouldering an increasing burden over recent years, and this extra support comes at a significant cost. The decisions we make as a sector define us. How we recruit, retain, and reward our staff goes beyond just the salary.

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