How to ensure your school's website is compliant with the ATH


Since 2016, the Academies Trust Handbook has detailed exactly what schools and trusts have to do in order to remain compliant. There are also requirements detailed in the Equality Act 2010 and Children and Families Act 2014. Websites are often fall to the bottom of the "to do" lists and it's easy for them to become out of date.

To help you keep on top of your website as we start the new term, we have developed a guide to compliant websites.

At the bottom of this web page is a handy printable PDF guide for you to print off and keep.

Contact details

  • School name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Headteachers name
  • Contact details for any enquiries from the public or to request paper copies of the information on the website (usually your reception telephone number and email)
  • Name & address of the chair of governors

For SEND schools

  • Contact details for the SENCO

Ethics and the Equality Act 2010

  • Your school or trust's Ethos, Aims and Values statement
  • Your school's equality objectives
  • How you are working to reduce discrimination within your school or trust
  • How your school or trust is working to improve equality
  • Your trust's gender pay gap
  • How your school or trust consults and involves people affected by inequality in your decision-making processes. This could be staff, trustees, parents, pupils and your community
  • How you have made your curriculum accessible for students with special education needs or disabilities



  • The structure and remit of the board of trustees, members, local governing bodies and committees, including the full name of each of the Chairs
  • The following information of each of the trustees, members and local governors who have served for over 12 months:
    • Name
    • Appointment date
    • Term of office
    • Date they stepped down (if applicable)
    • Appointee details
    • Attendance at relevant meetings over the past year
    • Any conflicts of interest


  • Annual report
  • Annual Audited Accounts (each new year's accounts must be published by 31st January)
  • Names of Charity Trustees and Members
  • Funding Agreements
  • Number of employees who earn over £100k
  • Financial Notice to Improve (if applicable)

Pupil Premium

  • Your school or trust's strategy for the allocation of the pupil premium, including:
    • The school or trust's pupil premium allocation amount
    • The main barriers to success faced by eligible pupils
    • How you will work to overcome these barriers
    • The reasoning behind your approach
    • The date of the next strategy review
  • The previous years spend, including:
    • How the allocation was spent
    • The effect of this spending strategy on eligible pupils


  • Your school or trust's Behaviour Policy
  • Your school or trust's Anti-Bullying Policy

Charging Policy

  • Cases where your school may charge parents (e.g. activities)
  • Cases where your school may make an exception for payments


  • Your school or trust's complaints procedure
  • Your school or trust's whistleblowing procedure
  • Your plan for handling complaints from parents of SEN children


  • Your school's latest Ofsted report
  • A link to your performance tables on the DfE website

Curriculum Information

  • The content for every subject taught to every year group and your approach to it
  • How parents can find out more about the curriculum

Below is a PDF copy that you can print off and keep.

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