Should you engage a school consultant?


From caretakers to CEOs, schools are full of incredible people who feel a commitment to help educate the minds of the future. One of the common themes of people who work in schools is that we all want to be the best that we can be. Whether that's having books that balance, having wonderful staff who facilitate great teaching or having clean buildings that are safe for the children the learn within them.

Academisation and the rise of MAT's central teams has meant there are more and more highly qualified professionals entering education. Even for the most experience school business professionals, education is a fast-moving field where there are endless balls to juggle.

Whilst budgets this year for everyone are under scrutiny, there has never been a better time to bring a consultant into your school or MATHere are the top reasons:

1. They offer incredible expertise

Consultants are veterans of the education industry who can offer you the fruits of their experiences and the benefits of their learning. As consultants work with a variety of schools, they have the benefit of having a deep, broad knowledge of school business. As well as being well-respected members of the education community themselves, they also have wide links and networks to flex on your behalf throughout the sector.

2. They are cost-effective

Rather than taking on another member of staff, consultants can offer you their expertise when you need it, for as long as you need it. Sometimes a school or MAT discovers it can save thousands of pounds a year by hiring consultants when they are needed rather than increasing headcount. They also can save additional money because they don't have to pay benefits to the consultants they hire. Even though a consultant's fees are generally higher than an employee's salary, over the long term it makes good economic sense to hire a consultant.

3. A consultant may be hired to influence other people

Big decisions often need someone objective and experienced to be able to cut through any existing politics to get a clear decision. The consultant will be well versed in influencing and brining the right information to the table to get you the right result.

4. A consultant may be hired to identify problems

Sometimes employees are too close to a problem inside an organization to identify it. Although all consultants who work in education want the best possible outcomes for children, they aren't emotionally invested in the operations of the schools and trusts they go into. This means they can more easily identify and address challenges within the school or trust.

5. A consultant can be just what you need to kickstart change

A consultant can act as a catalyst for change. No one likes change, but sometimes change is needed, and a consultant may be brought in to implement the changes. Facing a really difficult situation and not sure where to start? An impartial outside consultant is the perfect person to handle difficult tasks or tasks that simple fall out of the remit of current staff.

Thinking creatively about the best way of working through these tough times may mean that a consultant is the perfect option for you.

Whether you'd like some help to change the culture within your trust, improve your ICFP metrics, or support growing your MAT, we can assist on singular projects that are outcome-driven to ensure that you get the best results in a timely manner. If you'd like more regular help to support your existing team, why not try our retainer service?

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