What are Keystone Knowledge's values?


At Keystone Knowledge, we talk a lot about values. It's so important to have a good set of values, whether they are your personal values or your schools. They really do form the basis for everything you do, provide a framework for how to tackle problems and build a happy, fulfilling environment for everyone. If you would like some advice on putting your values into practice, click here for our blog on Imparting Schools' Values and Visions into Day to Day Life.

But what are Keystone's values? How do we incorporate them into everything we do?

We regularly have Keystone team days where we come together to discuss how we do things and how we can improve. On our latest day, we discussed how we as a team can embody our values


We are dedicated to acting with integrity by staying true to the principle of always implementing 'best practice' whenever we go into a school, rather than just accepting compliance. Helping schools to reach their full potential, embrace best practice and, ultimately, improve the outcomes for their students is why we set up Keystone. We never lose sight of that.

Although, like most companies, Keystone are looking to expand over the next few years (please contact us if you think you would be a good fit!), we are more interested in finding the right people who are equally as passionate about increasing school operations to benefit the pupils


We are committed to driving up standards both within schools and the sector as a whole. We are keen that the majority of what we do including blogs and videos gives something back to the sector so that either they can learn something new or reflect on their current processes. Stephen is also a passionate speaker at many events and a contributor to many education publications such as Ed Exec and Schools Week.


Everyone who works for Keystone is a people person. Although it's our job to sometimes ask tough questions and investigate where things went wrong, we try to do so in a gentle way. Between us, we have 100 years of experience working in schools, so we know how to ask the right questions to get the right information. It also means we appreciate first-hand the challenges you may be facing and can work with you to get the best outcomes.

Although we do have set hours that we will work with you on our HR retainer service, if you need an answer to your question or have a concern, don't hesitate to call, or email your Keystone team member.  


Every time we go into a new school to see if we can help them, we hold a meeting with their team to outline what their goals are and if we think that they are achievable or if we could push to do more. We also outline how we are going to work together as a partnership, because we believe in teaching school business professionals the skills to 'level up' their school management.

Similarly, as we work more as 'advisors' than doing the work for you, we aim to pick clients who are looking to genuinely make positive changes and try new things. We have come across some school leaders who believe that if your background isn't in education, that you don't have the necessary skills to advise in a school. However, all of our team have worked within a school environment in some capacity and are well qualified to advise on school operations. We feel that having experience from outside the education sector can be a bonus rather than a hinderance. Innovative ideas jump sectors.  


Whether you have contacted Keystone for a long-term retainer or for a specific project, we aim to provide you with an outcome, rather than just a set amount of time. We aim to be as transparent as possible about how we work, an achievable outcome and the likely timeframe. We will also let you know if we feel as though we will be a good fit to work together and if not, we will try to suggest someone else who may be able to help you.

Keystone Knowledge is full of passionate professionals who are keen to use their skills and expertise to improve the outcomes of Britain's students and give them the best possible futures. Although it may seem like a lofty ideal, we believe that we can make a difference by working shoulder-to-shoulder with schools.

If you would like to find out more about Keystone, how we work and how we can help you, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out our contact form

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