Growing MATs

You want to grow, but do you have the current capacity to support that growth? We have a successful track record in producing winning new school and TCaF bids and can help with due diligence audits and conversion management taking away those growing pains!
Support for Growing MATs

What makes us different:

There will be pivotal points when you are looking to grow as a MAT. It helps to have expert support from school professionals who have already experienced where you are at. We can support your team in its strategic growth plans, from new school bids and TCaF bids, to due diligence and academy conversions. We can advise and guide to ensure a smooth path to growth.

TCaF bids

Time to fund your strategic growth plans? Our knowledgeable bid writers have numerous successful TCaF bids already under their belts giving you a head start.

What makes us different?

  • Over £1 million of TCaF monies successfully bid for.
  • Experienced bid writers.
  • Help in deciding the correct pathway to funding.
  • No paperwork for you to complete.

What to expect:

Your bid writer will work with you to understand your trust, discuss the most suitable pathway to funding for your trust’s needs and collate the required information on your project.
They will then create your bid, ensuring the correct pitch and tone and that all relevant information is included.
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New School Bids

What makes us different?

  • We have a track record in successful new school bids.
  • You will work with experienced bid writers and project managers of new schools builds.
  • We delivery eco-friendly and sustainable design incorporated into our bids.

What to expect:

Your bid will be written to include all relevant information and create the vision of your new school so the local authority and DfE can understand how your trust would benefit the children learning in the school, and the community around it.
And once you get to the shortlist, we can help with coaching for the interview and presentation, and even mange your new school build for you.
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Conversion Management

Converting a maintained school to an academy or re-brokering an academy to join a trust can be involved and really add to your workload.  Our service takes the pain out the conversion management and ensures you are supported every step of the way.

What makes us different?

  • All work is carried out by our knowledgeable team who will keep you informed every step of the way.

What to expect:

Completion of DfE conversion paperwork
Advice and support on stakeholder consultation
Production of relevant legal transfer papers, in conjunction with solicitors
Ensuring relevant paperwork is received from DfE and ESFA
Advice and support with TUPE process and consultation
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Due Diligence

Contact us now to get your individual quote. This service is also available as individual audits. SAVE: Commission both due diligence and our conversion management service and qualify for a discounted rate.

Great for

  • Growing trusts who need a thorough due diligence process with clear recommendations.
  • An individual audit when you need to make swift decisions and are time or resource pressured.

What we can provide:

Our thorough due diligence audit collates over 90 pieces of information in the following areas:

  • Strategic due diligence, including school improvement, governance, policies and safeguarding
  • Income, funding, sales and services
  • Expenditure
  • Cashflow
  • Balance sheet and tax
  • HR and workforce
  • Estates and Health and Safety
  • ICT
An extensive report identifying and categorizing the level of risk in each area, helping you to make the right decision for your trust.

You may also need:

Due Diligence

New schools looking to join your trust? Our due-diligence audit takes the stress out of identifying and categorising risks and gives you the answers.

Internal Scrutiny

We provide comprehensive advice on improvement for both financial and non-financial controls all from our experience as school professionals.

HR Services


Worried about keeping up with the latest employment legislation and HR best practice? Our school HR professionals can provide 3 levels of advice and support to keep you on top of your HR.

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